[Issue] Edit active event only

This doesn’t work like on the other versions, it doesn’t hide the other events beside the active event… :frowning:


It never hide the other events. The non-active events were always just grayed out, until you click them (and made them active).

It behaves exactly the same as in the previous versions, to me.

For me isn’t. I’m gonna do some pics from 9.5 and from 10 to show it…

In the other versions of Cubase that doesn’t appear like that. It was more remarkable the active part…

On the other versions, the parts that aren’t active are in grey, easy to distinguish…


I just tested in Cubase 9.5. All events are coloured same as it is in Cubase 10. Even the VariAudio events which are out of the Audio event borders are coloured in Cubase 9.5.