[ISSUE] Event names often not visible on audio events in project window.

(I know I’m posting a lot of issues. Nuendo is an amazing piece of software that also has some significant issues that need to be fixed for everyday work.)

Issue: Event names are not visible on audio events in the Project window when the text is black. In Cubase they are always visible. On MIDI events in Nuendo they are also always visible – just not on audio events. See pics of the same event in Nuendo and Cubase (the color of the event itself is slightly different, but it doesn’t matter with this issue). In Cubase and on MIDI events in Nuendo there is a translucent padding underneath the event name so that it doesn’t merge with the black waveform. In Nuendo you can’t read the event name because it blends with the waveform color.

Again, it’s fine on MIDI events – behaves as it should. It just needs to be fixed ASAP for audio events.

Thank you.

Bring opaque events to Nuendo as in Cubase.
Also impossible to match transients on overlapping events as it is now in Nuendo. Its easy to do this in Cubase.
Also when my events have red color, I can’t see if they are selected or not.
I “upgraded” to Nuendo with the 40% offer, because i thought Nuendo would have all of Cubase’s functionality….plus some exclusive features.
The opposite seems to be the case in this regard.

Disappointed :frowning:

+1 the Event Display in Nuendo is really not readable at all. Also that you are forced to always see the File Name in Brackets as well… when I rename an Audio Event a clearly readable Event Name would be so great to have

Also Interesting that an Audio Event inside a Part has a better readable name (due to the background overlay) while the Audio Event outside the part doesn’t