Issue - Exported Audio Sounds Different Than Project Mix

I know this has been brought up before, but I’ve tested it by bringing the exported stereo file back into the project and flipped polarity. You should get total silence. However, I don’t, and there are some weird things going on. When I listen to an export, I go to the Mac OS Finder and just press spacebar on the file, so I’m not using any type of audio player with EQ’s or anything like that.

A few things to note:

  • The export and project mix are both 24/96
  • RealTime export
  • There are no plugins on the stereo out
  • All channel strips, filters, etc. are bypassed too, just to be safe
  • I am not using the control room. I am routing directly out of the stereo out.
  • I am not doing anything funky in the export menu, like how some people have clicked the export in mono button.

There’s totally a problem here.

I want to attach a sample of the export as well as a sample of the export brought back into the project with the phase flipped, but it won’t let me upload any audio files.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can upload the wav files to Dropbox (or similar service) and share the link here.

Do you use any plug-in in the project? Some plug-ins are using randomness.

It could be also caused by the Buffer Size shift during every single export and playback.

Is the difference audible?

I tried to upload a link to the files on google drive. It wouldn’t let me. It said you cannot post links, period.

As to the rest of your reply, you need be more specific, and your English is a little confusing.

I already said no plug ins on the stereo out or master bus, whatever you want to call it.

You can’t post links because you’re brand new…it’s to stop spambots.

SO to be clear, are you saying that there are no plugins anywhere in the project…not just the master bus…and are there vst instruments (synths particularly) ??
You realise these may not null as they have free running lfo’s etc.

What is the result after doing that test? How far down is the remaining signal after polarity flip and sum?


Now you can send a link.

Do you use a plug-in on any track?

Sorry for my poor English language skills.