Issue exporting audio (sounds cut off)

When I export the audio from DORICO the sound of some VST is cut off. At the mp3 or wav you can hear some how the sound is cut off of the horns, bass and trumpet. However some of the other instruments with legato dynamics sounds perfect.

I´m using different VSTs from Halion, the pack integrated in DORICO and some external VST played with Kontakt.

I have tried different instruments and different dynamics(stacatto, spiccato,…) and the issue persist.

Do you know what can be the reason of this problem???

I tried to upload an example but it seems the mp3 formato is not allowed.

You might be able to attach your mp3 if you zip it (or give it a .zip extension).

Attached, thanks (500 KB)

I had a similar problem and per a much earlier post from Dan K., turning on the “Allow ASIO exclusive control” under device setup fixed it.

In HALion Sonic, did you change anything on the Options page in regards to the maximum numbers of voices or multi core usage?

And do the cut-off sounds always come from a particular plug-in, or from any of them?

Do you know where is placed? I can´t find this specific option.

I had not changed any option from Halion (512 max voices and multi-core: OFF)
The cut off comes from specific instruments like Trumpet, Horn, Bass, but in options menu seems to be everything ok, at least I have not changed anything

So it is only HALion sounds that do cut out, not other sounds from Kontakt or other instrument plug-ins?

Try to switch on the multi-core option in HALion and see if that makes a difference, though I suspect not. Set it to 2 less than you total number of cores.

Can you make a demo project with HALion that exhibits that issue and send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Thanks

I have just sent the email with the subject: Dorico example - issue with sounds cutt off

Many thanks