Issue exporting stems that have common sidechain

Hi folks,
I’m trying to wrap my head around this-I’m using a VPS sidechain that is on an instrument track (routed to the main out) and then the various audio tracks in my project have a sidechain comp as an insert that is receiving the trigger from that VPS midi trigger.

I have several groups and I’m trying to export the stems of those groups but the sidechain is not exporting-but I do hear it working when I’m playing everything back before exporting. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to also send that sidechain as a direct output to the groups or something? Thanks for any tips.

A little update-it looks like doing direct out to each group did the trick. I don’t really understand why that would actually do anything-since the sidechain lives on the audio tracks themselves and not the group tracks-but in any case it seems to be working. I’m going to do some tests with white noise routing in various ways to see if I can come up with a solid workflow that I know will work.

OK-for anyone that happens to use the VPS Sidechain, I finally figured it out…It’s a weird bug in the plugin, but it is reproducible. The rule is simple: if you have the plugin on any track, the only way to make sure it comes through is that you have to be sure that the VPS midi trigger is routed to some track that is being exported. It doesn’t matter if that track has any audio on it or anything, it just must be one of the exported tracks. now that I know this, I will be creating a new group at the beginning of my project and route the VPS to that group right at the beginning and then just hide it.