Issue: Expression Maps - 127 articulations - naming/relation gets messed up

Came across this just now, was mapping out all CC positions of a modwheel (for sampling purposes) CC1-CC127

It appears I hit some kind of limit whereby naming the custom ‘Art.’ Articulations was not properly reflected/messed up something in the Sound Slots ‘Art. 1’ name column


I think I fixed it, I think the issue was caused by ‘Adding Custom Articulation’ which defaults to a Symbol, and somehow, in this process, Slots ended up sharing the same articulation in stead of creating a new/their own.

I am glad you go to the bottom of things :wink:

Indeed there is a known limit of 127 beyond which there is no way of reordering slots.

This is another thing that needs improvement in this setup window. :frowning_face: