Issue/Feature Request: Combine/Smart Tool: 'Select Events Under Cursor' negated

Hi, so under a slight of circumstances, ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ will be negated.

This occurs when:
-Combine Tool Enabled
-Range Selection has been made
-Command ‘Select None’
-|negated|Select Events under Cursor

I feel like the protocol should be that if there - is - no - selection - made, ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ should always work. This way for example,

If I make a range selection edit (like ‘Fade To Range’), I can then hit Shift-A(Select None), and then Alt-A(Select Events Under Cursor) very quickly to change modes/do different tasks.

Additionally, if a Range - - is - - selected, you could debate in your dev offices whether or not this should disengage Range Selection and switch to Object Selection - - OR - - Should it extend the range to the entire event start to end (which I’m not sure would have too much utility in the real world other than maybe positioning things for a ‘Fade To Range’ command execution).


Apologies, I’m still on 10.5 (Windows 7), so maybe this behavior changed in 11.


Just a further note on this, ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’ is also negated if Range Selection had previously been used, despite there being no current/active range selection. Again, I think the protocol should be that, if there is no current range selection, it defaults to object selection so that ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ and ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’ behaves as normal.


It’s the same, if the Range Selection tool is selected. From my point of view it works as expected. With the Range Selection Tool, you cannot select an event.

Btw, you should definitely upgrade your system. Both Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 11 are not officially compatible with Windows 7 (btw, the system itself is not even supported by Microsoft anymore).

I guess my point is, it doesn’t work as expected if you have no recollection of having used the range selection tool - ie, there’s nothing to tell you that the ‘Range’ mode is focused, rather than the ‘Object Selection’ mode if you are just looking at the screen.

it shouldn’t matter if the range selection was last used when in Combine mode because there is no way for the user to know, and ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ command should just automatically forward to ‘Object Selection’


This isn’t so much a bug as it is a workflow kink, it’s an “issue” to me… And I think it’s just logical for devs to amalgamate the different commands between Range and Object Selection if they don’t conflict with each other… and I don’t think this one would…


I would probably recommend to turn this to the Feature Request.

Okay, I added the tag. I hope it gets attention because this would actually make the new tool more useful.

Isn’t the command “Select Events Under Cursor” is a miss-leading command name. It behaves like “Select Events Under Cursor of Selected Tracks” . The command only works if you have tracks selected where you want to find the condition. I ran into this and created a macro. Not sure if this will help.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.43.47 PM

Edit: Sorry, even this macro above won’t work with the range tool activated. It seems to work if I add to switch to the selection tool.
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.56.32 PM