[ISSUE] FF/RW -> N6 Hangs

Hi, I cannot say for sure when this issue started, it might be from N6 initial release.

Win 7 64, N6 64 latest, RME HDSP PCI latest, UAD2 PCIe

In my prefs, I have “stop playback when winding” unchecked.

Sometimes (quite often) when I FF/RW Nuendo keeps on playing back the audio where my cursor was for quite some time before actually switching to playing back the audio where I wound up.

Anyone else experience this ?


Do you have Autosave enabled?


Absolutely !

I discovered that when N6 is hooked up via MMC and TC (ie running as a slave in effect), when pressing stop, sound continues for some time afterwards.

I looked (by some weird instinct) at the ASIO protect status. I switched ASIO protect OFF and the problem has gone away.

This may be related to your issue.

I later checked and saw that the disk pre-load buffer size seemed to match the “delay before silence at stop issue” that I was experiencing with ASIO Protect on.

One for the SB programmers…

Try without to see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, at least you know what the cause isn’t.