Issue forum streamlined

This is, as I have already stated, unacceptable…I have bought all my previous upgrades directly from Steinberg. So you should give (legally) support to your customer, don’t you?

Please Matthias, I have raised this issue before, can you give us a proper answer?

If you are in country where the support is handled by the local distributor, you can always send an email to to report bugs or issues. These emails are processed by our support team in Hamburg.

Thanks Matthias, I didn´t knew that, and another employee told me otherwise once,

As I have stated in the survey today, I believe that Steinberg is not handling the comunication with its customers very well.

So all in all my bug reports posted here, made with step by step reproductions and animated demos aren’t as important as support tickets… Because? And why wasn’t this told to me earlier before I made the effort?

In any case, I will then report them again but through tickets, like I apparently should’ve done in the first place.

I understand the motivation to do just that, given what was posted by a Steinberg mod/employee, and the recent “streamlined” state of the Bug List.

That flags a (presumably?) unforeseen consequence of such a “streamlining” - less user-to-user interaction (no more great explanatory vids by djw and the others), including less user-to-user teaching. That is undesirable, I think all would agree, especially in a forum where Steinberg likes to emphasize that it is a (paraphrasing) “user-directed forum … technical assistance here by Steinberg employees/mods is given at their kind pleasure, and is by no means mandated or to be expected”.

That is the impression I have gotten over the past months and years. If I paraphrased that above so as to misrepresent Steinberg’s position on their categorization of the forum, I do sincerely apologize.

I do ask that Steinberg review their involvement in the forum, and consider assigning employees to help out. There are many other music vendor sites that do that, and it really is a very nice thing. Who knows, maybe with some more interaction, there may even be some more great ideas presented by users that Steinberg can incorporate into their next great update!


I presume the goal in making the change was to reduce the amount of time SB staff spend on it, to give them more time to cover tech support calls and tickets, which apparently is needed.

There’s no reason why this change should reduce user-to-user interaction, unless you choose to stop posting. From what I can see people are still asking questions, and still getting answers from users.

Like I said, my opinion about the change is that it’s welcome. The previous iteration of the Issues subforum actually created expectations that were not accurate– it was really impossible to take care of the promised tasks consistently.

So with that, I’ll close this thread.