[ISSUE] General Performace Issues C8

I’ve seen some topics pass by regarding this subject but I haven’t seen an official [ISSUE] yet. I made the step upgrading from C5 to C8. The promised performance enhancements are disappointing. It’s even so bad at this moment I can work really work on a project. I am forced to go back to C5, which luckily I kept installed. I don’t want to complain that much and I can imagine bugs on a new release. I just want to make sure mine and everybody else’s problems get picked up. Here’s a list of some of the issues I encountered.

  • Increased VST ASIO load (15%)
  • Freezing on loading plugins
  • Render in place really slow
  • Frequently freezes on opening older project created in C5

My system: Win7 64Bit, I7 3770 3.40Ghz, 16G RAM, RME HDSP 9632, Geforce GT620.

I updated all the drivers and tried multiple tips and tricks provided by Steinberg to optimize my system. No luck yet. I hope a new patch follows soon because I can’t wait to work (proper) with C8!



I recommend you to use the safe start mode to ignore the Defaults.xml preferences file: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/de/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/safe-start-mode-resetting-the-cubase-preferences.html

Or even better by disabling the preferences folder found under:


Rename the Cubase folders temporarily (This will affect your existing preferences, recent projects list, insert chain presets, etc.). Cubase Pro 8 will start and create fresh preferences like it does during each first run.

In some specific cases, the preferences in Cubase 5 are not compatible at all with Cubase 7 or newer.

If this procedure does not solve the issue, close Cubase, delete the folder(s) created recently and rename the older preferences folders back to their original names.

I hope this will help.

Thanks for your reply.

I first did an reinstall of Cubase, because you hadn’t replied yet and I thought it could never hurt. After that I tried your method and it opened the project file from C5! I of course got a warning with missing plugins. So I started adding all the missing plugins one by one. After each one added, I try to open the project again. It only froze one time and I replaced the plugin that I added before opening with a upgraded version. It worked and the project runs okay now.

It still freezes when I add Valhalla VintageVerb. So I’m trying to update that one now, see if that helps.

The VST load is still pretty high and the fader metering is also lagged. Any idea what this could be?

Regards and thanks for the quick response!