ISSUE? "Go to bar" shortcut

On Cubase 12 I have a shortcut I use a lot.

Go to bar number.

I activate the short cut and type in the bar number - it’s so useful and great for a fast workflow.

Now with Cubase 13 pro when I activate the shortcut the highlighted area is the beat number and not the bar number and I have to manually move the highlighted area across left to the bar number - it’s very annoying and is slowing me down considerably.

Is this a bug or just a new behaviour?

Thank you

Hi, please use the search feature, it will help you to not waste time rewriting about an issue :slight_smile:

Alas, like all advice that easily rolls of the tongue and states the obvious to all, save the few who sadly remain un-lightened.

To get the right answer, one must first know the right question.

Unfortunately, my facility of the nomenclature pertinent to Cubase, pales in comparison to yours.

My attempts at describing my issue, revealed nothing relevant to my question in the aforementioned search function.

Yet ironically, my question did lead me to the path of your door, where I am pleased to say you disseminated to me the answer.

For which I am truly grateful.

Thank you.