[ISSUE] Graphic Glitch Channel Settings Window


This is getting to be annoying. Please see attached image to see how the CHannel Settings window is not drawn correctly. The fader is double width.

N6 glitch.jpg

bump - anyone got this one?

I’ve been getting a similar, but different issue since yesterday.

My Channel settings window has gone all extreme stretched off the side of the screen and is completely unusable.
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.17.50 am.png
It’s weird though as it only effects the track Channel Settings window.
The input and output Channel Settings window comes up normally.

I’m still trying to work out if I can get it back to normal as it started doing out of the blue.

If anyone’s got any suggestions they’d be greatly appreciated.


I’ve managed to track this back and fix it.

It was a preference issue in the Default.xml in the Nuendo 6.5 preference folder.

I ended up editing the Default.xml file by pasting the ChannelSettings section from a fresh Default.xml file and it fixed the issue.
It may be the same issue with your channel settings fader. To test it just move either you pretences folder or just the Default.xml file and reopen Nuendo.

Hmm. I feel dumb now because I just tried resizing it from the bottom right corner and to fixed it. For some stupid reason I had tried everything else but that!

Thanks for your input. I will bear it in mind of this problem recurs.


I’ve been getting this regularly. Image attached.
The best workaround I’ve found is to shrink the window from the right hand side right, then expand it back up again. You may also need to click the ‘Show Output Chain’ button on and off if you’re using that.