Issue - Groove Agent SE 5 fills up all of the screen

Running Cubase 13.30 on Windows 11.
When I bring in Groove Agent SE 5 it completely fills my screen. I am unable to make the Groove Agent screen smaller. None of the screen tools work. I’ve tried going to each of the borders and moving them in closer. Although they move, it is like only a 1/2 inch. Unless I move the Groove Agent screen (as a whole) I am unable to view the primary screen (my project). This is a real pain,

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does your screen resolution meet the system requirements? Could you attach a screenshot of the problem, please?

Hi Martin,
Thank you so much for your reply.
I’m attaching a screen print. THe top one is of my project
The second one shows Groove Agent on top of the project screen.
You can see how large the Groove Agent screen is as it overlays the project screen.

Nothing I do diminishes the size. Making it very difficult to work with.
I’m not sure what the screen resolution is. I don’t seem to have this same problem with any of the other plugins.
Thank you again for your assistance.

Jack Dickinson

(Attachment Groove Agent - Screen crowding issue.docx is missing)


Attacha PNG or JPEG file as the screenshot, please.

Ok - sorry bout that

There is no Groove Agent window in your screenshot?

It looks like maybe your system does not meet (or is not set to) the minimum requirements for resolution which is 1440x900.

To check you can right click your empty desktop and choose display settings where it should be listed under Display Resolution. If 1440x900 is available try to select it…but note that it will make items appear smaller.

Sorry 'bout that last email. Don’t think I gave you the correct Pix.
Pls review this attachment. JPG

Hi Grim,
I changed the screen resolution to 1440X900 as you suggested (thank you) and ended up with the same results - go figure.
I attached another screenshot for your reference.

I’ve got it working satisfactorily.
If I ‘pull’ Groove Agent into the screen,it works
If I double tap to bring it in and open, it comes in to large.
Appreciate your help and support.