[Issue] Grouping Not Recognized In Project Window

Has this been talked about before?

I’ve got several takes of a live 2-track guitar/vocal set up side by side, each pair linked. Links are working fine in the mix window, as expected… but are not observed when selecting channels in the project window. This, of course leads to a lot of jumping back and forth to the mix window, which is driving me a little nuts.

Am I missing a preference? Checked the manual; searched as much as you can on this forum and on the web, and have come up with nothing!

Or is this a feature I just haven’t learned to appreciate yet? Anybody else experiencing this? I look forward to having missed something obvious… it’s been a long week. Already.


In the mixer right click on a fader and select ‘Control Link’. You can select what is being linked, like mutes, panning, etc.

For instance, after enabling mute to be linked, hitting the mute button for a channel in the arrange window will also mute the linked channel. There is a slight difference with N5.5. Selecting the left channel will not highlight the corresponding right channel. I think that’s a little weird.

Maybe you already know this and you have some other crazy problem. Let me know.

I hope I could be of help. Good luck!


Martijn, you nailed it.

I thought I’d set mute/solo when creating the link-- but apparently they didn’t “take” at that point. Going back as you suggested fixed it.

I’m going to monkey around with it some more to make sure I was or wasn’t doing something wrong at setup. In the meantime, I’m back on track.