[ISSUE] GUI becomes unresponsive

I was working on a project a while back on 6.06 and at high track count the N6 GUI froze until you clicked on a channel. Then the graphics would ‘catch up’ and freeze again.

This afternoon in the middle of a critical backing vocal session N6 started doing the same thing.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to quickly re-install 6.05 and continued the session. So, it seems to be a N6.06 bug/issue.

I’m on W8.1 and an nVidia K4000 graphics card.

I have the strangest suspicion that it has something to do with running many tracks with similar names, e.g bv-01, bv-02, bv-03, bv-04, etc.

The project is at 88.2 and has been running seamlessly. Only when I added these tracks with similar names did the problem start again. In the previous project that I first experienced this problem there were also huge amounts of similarly named tracks.

When I moved the tracks from the bottom of the Project window to the top, the problem started immediately. (re-ordered tracks)

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Just spent the whole day tracking backing vocals with no problem. So, it seems to be a 6.06 bug.

Upon further investigation it’s not a 6.06 bug.

Here’s what I’ve found. Every time I’ve had this experience it has been with projects that contain large amounts of files bounced from Logic. (pre-production files and files for final mix, etc, imported into N6)

Is there any way that this could be happening? As soon as I delete the un-needed tracks (bounced from Logic) from the N6 project window the GUI problem starts.

Could there be a weird compatibility issue here?

I sure don’t know… but one way you could tell (figured this one out by having to convert SDIIs from old projects so things would run smoothly in later versions) is by doing a batch convert/replace of all the Logic files in the pool to the project’s file type. Doesn’t take long.



Thanks Chewy, but everything conformed. It was the first thing I checked.