Issue: Huge Beat Designer bug - - Number Steps cannot be saved! - - Not with project nor in preset

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1.Create MIDI channel
2.Insert MIDI plugin BeatDesigner on MIDI insert of said channel
3.Notice default Steps# is 16
4.Click Pattern Bank 2, click C key (first key)
5.Double Click/Increment Steps for Pattern Bank 2/Pattern 1 (C key) and increase to 32.
6.Save Project
7.Close Project open project
9. Revisit the BeatDesigner plugin and you will see the steps for Bank 2/Pattern 1 have reverted to 16-steps

You can do the above also saving a preset, and it will not reload the steps on open project, nor will it reload the steps if you reload the preset.

Another MIDI plugin had similar save issues that I believe they fixed in 10.5, and that was the CC mapping of StepDesigner not saving in presets/not projects. ie, the two CC slots were always global.


trouble shooting this,

in order to preserve the # of steps, beat nodes have to be added.

But this is annoying because, I just wanted a blank empty template with some different bar lengths per Pattern Bank. but no big deal for the time being, I’ve added some Volume 1 beat notes and muted the channel just so that the #ofsteps is retained between project loads and preset saves