Issue: iK Multimedia Hammond B-3X loses all it's presets in C13

…but they exist in C12. Is this the wrong place to present this issue? Has anybody else found a non-Steinberg VSTi that loses all it’s factory presets in C13?

Q: If the presets are found in every version of Cubase except C13, is this something that Steinberg should address? Or is this a problem for the Vendor? I’m bummed and baffled to discover this!

No problem here. May not be a Cubase thing.
[The “GS” presets are mine.]

Are you Mac or PC?

I also have another iK VSTi, the Mondo Bass and it does not deliver the factory presets, as well. Interesting.

Kontakt 7, Waves, UVI, Izotope (Iris2), all work as they always have. :frowning:

I’m on Windows 10. I also have MODO bass, and all its presets also show up. Sorry, I know this doesn’t help much.

Interesting. Well, combinations of gear change things. Hm. Well I’m well beyond Win 10 at this point, no going back. Still, it seems - because it works in C12.0.70 that Steinberg changed something. Right now I’m thinking that if you changed to Win 11 I bet B-3X would behave like it does in my DAW but I could be wrong. I’ve contacted iK and they asked for a video (which I just sent) so they may have something to report.

Is there anybody on the forum that uses the iK B-3X, the latest Win 11, and C 13.0.20? Thanks.

Alright, I found the problem, I had not set up C13 as an app that can bypass Controlled Folder access in Windows 11 security. I been schooled. :slight_smile: