Issue importing audio files

I had some issues syncing up audio with video and after some troubleshooting came to this scenario. I can recreate this in other ways but this one is easy to explain.

I created an 48k@24bit stereo audio file in studioone 4.6 that contained 1k bursts 0.5s long for every second for a total of 5 minutes. I then recorded these bursts onto my Wing mixer usb recorder (std wave format) while also recording the usb loopback to the daw, making sure that everything lined up.

When finished recording I imported the recorded file from my Wing mixer and verified that everything was indeed in sync.

When importing the same file into N10.3 the file displayed is much shorter and therefor does not line up with the time ruler. I measure about 600ms diff after 3.5 minutes.

I’ve made tests using only nuendo and the Wing and get the same results.

Does this ring a bell and do you know of a workaround that doesn’t use timestretching?

And the answer to my question… Musical mode!

For some reason Nuendo decided that my imported file should have the musical mode flag enabled, even though it contains no tempo information.

Well, at least I found the solution after posting this and spending a couple of hours troubleshooting.