Issue Importing Tracks From Project & Track Archive

Having issues when importing tracks from project. I want to import tracks from a previous project into a new template created for use with an SSL ICU, so I’ve got all my SSL channel strips across all channels.

If I select not to import channel settings, and only import events and parts, it won’t create the new tracks, even though the option is clearly there to select new track, and will only match tracks I have matched in my template, but if I select channel settings also, then it does create the new tracks. Problem with that is it inserts and overwrites the plugins and settings I have in my template. And the same applies to importing track archives.

What’s the point of giving the option to exclude the channel settings if it won’t create the new tracks without them? The only way I’m going to be able to import all the tracks into my template while keeping the template plugins is to change the plugins on the imported tracks, or import the audio files and manually place onto exiting tracks, which seems to defeat the object. Am I missing something or is this a bug in Cubase 12 (on PC Win 10)?