Issue importing XML or MIDI into Cubase

Hello !

I’m working on a short movie that I’m re-scoring, I wanted to know how to import my MIDI or XML file (whatever is recommanded ?) into Cubase but when I’m doing this just the notes appear, but not my tempos changes, signature changes or even my markers !

Thx for your help in advance ! :slight_smile:

Ralph ♪

Have you tried to activate the tempo track in the project before you import?

Hi Nico ! I just tried it out after reading your reply but it seems that it still doesn’t import my tempos from Sibelius !

Here, what happens when I import : Video Illustration - YouTube

I actually just figured it out ! I had to disable “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge” in the MIDI import options :slight_smile: !


Yes, I believe you need both.