Issue in Dorico 3.5 event view editing cc curves

Not sure if this is a bug or something I am doing, but I am getting unpredictable results when trying to edit cc curves using the pencil or line tools in the event view controller lane in Play mode.

Here is what happens:

  1. Initial controller lane for cc11 shows expression map cc drawn based on score entries and expression map I have created.
  2. If I draw an initial curve it looks fine. The curve appears in light blue section and the unedited light Grey line is overwritten in that area.
  3. Draw a second curve or try to smooth out part of the first curve, and that is where it gets unpredictable. Sometimes the section I drew previously disappears and the initial light grey lines reappear (from the expression map and score entries). Other times a gap appears between the first curve and the adjusted portion of the curve I drew and there will be a jagged line between the two sections…sometimes with a large spiked grey line, sometimes just a small jump. These jags sometimes are audible on playback.
  4. If I try to fix the problem by connecting the two portions of the curves I drew, a new gap may appear adjacent to where I made the edit, or the entire curve disappears and the grey lines appear again.
  5. Start over, the issues start over again.

It feels like either a bug or could it be something I am doing in the expression map that is causing the issue?

Anybody else experiencing this?

Welcome to the forum, Mkiz. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. When you draw a new region in the middle of an existing region, there will be a boundary at each side of the new region, so you can’t join it exactly to the existing region that you’re “punching into”. Try using the object selection tool instead of the pencil tool to adjust the existing values rather than drawing in new ones: you can marquis select a range of values and then move them up or down all together.

Thanks for the welcome. I am completely loving Dorico 3.5 Pro. The expression maps are quite amazing.

Your explanation makes sense. I will experiment further. I think I just need to determine the best ways to use the new tools.The part that seems counter intuitive is that when I was doing this kind of insertion over a pre-existing line, for example over an area to the right side of the screen, when I completed the drawing the entire area to the left of where I was drawing would disappear and revert to the light grey lines from the expression maps. I may be confused about this, and it may be related to the expected behavior you describe, but it seems different.

That does sound different. If you’re finding that adding automation data later in the track is causing data in a completely separate earlier region to be removed, that would be a bug. Can you reproduce this in a simple case and attach some steps for me to reproduce the problem?