Issue in parts labeling

Hi, I am encountering some labeling problems in a percussion part.
I added several separate percussion parts to a new ‘Percussion’ part.

At first I got this result in several Flows (this is only one exemple):
Screenshot percussion-1

After ‘Allowing instrument changes’ in ‘Players - Layout Options’, it looked a lot better (another Flow):
Screenshot percussion-2
But without instrument labels.

Because I wanted separate instrument labels at the start of (in this example) the double staff, I activated ‘Abbreviated Staff Labels on subsequent systems’ in ‘Staves and Systems - Layout Options’. I ended up with this:
Screenshot percussion-3
Now there were labels at the start of any staff or system.

Is there a way to have only labels at the start of the system when a second (of third) percussion instrument is added to the one already playing? And can this be done per Flow? I seem to notice that any changes I make are made for the entire score.
Thanks for any suggestions!

You can switch between full, abbreviated or no staff labels at any System Break or Frame Break, from the properties panel (see Hiding/Showing staff labels at system/frame breaks). You would need to input System Breaks or Frame Breaks where you wanted the changes to take place, though; there’s no automatic functionality for what you’re trying to achieve.


@pianoleo : Got it, thanks! I tried several key words but couldn’t find it in the manual.