Issue: Insert ByPass indicator

  1. Load two insert fx in a Mixer Channel
  2. Bypass the first. The global insert Bypass lights up
  3. Bypass the Second.
  4. un-Bypass the Second.

Result: the global insert Bypass indicator turns off, although there is an insert fx bypassed in the Channel…

Confirmed - exactly as stated.

But, I’m on Vista32 so I’m not supported; I see you’re on Win7 64bit with C6 64 - chances are that it will show in C6 32 in Win7 32bit too. Therefore, I could remain hopeful, if this does get fixed it’ll come my way too… :wink:


One more for visibility…


we will have a look (28134)

The bypass is still on, but the global indicator tells all the bypass is turned of



This was introduced in 5.5.x,

(see )

and has been solved in 6.0.1 !!