Issue - insert color in mixer console

Has anybody had a recent issue with their plugin ‘inserts’ changing col from the default blue to black & the ‘send’ vol bar changing col from the default solid orange to black ? - this is all visable in the Mixer Console screen.
I have quadruple checked my colors in the ‘Preferences’ 'drop down menu & nothing has changed there. Even if I change the Inserts to another col, they stay solid black. So now this means I have no visual aid to tell me if a plugin is on or bypassed etc.
I have double checked my system & found that I run Cubase on two separate machines - Desktop (internal)/Laptop (external) with same E-license & both now have the same problem. This has only become apparent since first time opening up Cubase in 2021 !?!

I have not upgraded or installed anything

Using: Cubase 10.5 / Win 10 OS

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Most probably you don’t have a supported graphic card or driver. Please make sure your graphic card driver is up to date.

Hi Martin
Cheers for the response, but i doubt very much its the graphic card, as mentioned in my question, ive been running 10.5 since it came out & this has happened on two entirely different machines with the last week …! cheers againIMG_1722|666x500


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I would recommend to update your graphic card driver in any case.

Hi Martin

I tried & still no joy … even tried reinstalling 10.5.2 update & E-License, such is life, cheers


What about your graphic card and its driver, please?

Make a screen shot… please

Hi @st10ss,

The screenshot is here:

one with more detail…
we can not see anything related
maybe a single channel with inserts
I can’t even see what’s inserted

and btw Sonarworks needs to be the last plugin in the chain
otherwise it is useless