Issue - Insert FX lost

Sometimes when I switch to a song, the insert FX for a layer a gone. THis looks like this:

So the four effect boxes are not shown at all.

Layer in this example is a shared layer with NI Kontakt / Vintage Organs used in a couple of songs. In some songs I want to add some tempo-synched dubbed delays at mixer level, insert effect is the Steinberg Ping Pong delay.

Only way to get this resolved seems to be to reload the project in VST Live, than the insert slots are visible again but empty.

Hi @ChKK,

we found the problem and fixed it. It happens when a copied layer will be pasted (shared). Please grab the next Pre-Release (Friday).

See you,

Hi @Spork,

great to hear, will grab the new version when it’s available. Thanks for the excellent support!