Issue insert plugins Cubase 11 on Big Sur Intel-platform

I’m running Cubase 11 Pro on a MacBook Pro, Intel i9, 16GB Ram and MacOS Big Sur. I’m experiencing issues with Steinberg plug-ins/VST effects like the Compressor, Frequency and the Imager. The plug-ins turn to grey in the insert fields and cannot be opened. Neither they can be deleted.

On the Steinberg site I see that Cubase 11 should be compatible with Big Sur. Is this issue well-knows and do others have the same issue.

If it turns out to be a compatibility issue when will Steinberg launch an update to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.


Melwin Goedemans

Check your “Constraint Delay Compensation” setting. See the documentation!

This solves the problem. Thanks for our help and quick response.