Issue Inspector Zone - Crash when opening VST instrument Rack Sub-folder.


I want to report an issue which might be a bug.

  1. Open a project.
  2. Add a Rack Instrument, my case is Kontakt (Full Version 6)
  3. Click to Vst Instrument Folder, but don expand it.
  4. Click to Inspector Zone. Click to Kontakt Folder.
  5. Click to Kt. Master (Which is the Output of Kontakt.

Result: Cubase Crash and create an Apple Report.

I attach the crash log file, hope to know what happened.

Thank you and good day.

PS: My system is:

  • Mac Pro thrash can 2013
  • Mojave OS
  • Rme Fireface800 sound interface.
  • Cubase Pro 10.5.12
    All softwares and plugins are licensed and up-to-date.


Totally clearly, the crash is in WavesAudio RVerb.11.0.0.

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   com.WavesAudio.RVerb.11.0.0   	0x0000000148d5532f cRVerb_ALG::TapGain(double) + 675
1   com.WavesAudio.RVerb.11.0.0   	0x0000000148d54979 cRVerb_ALG::SetReflections(short) + 215
2   com.WavesAudio.RVerb.11.0.0   	0x0000000148d58287 cRVerb_ALG::UpdateAlgSelf() + 489
3   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1.1_11.	0x00000001302c23ac cALGORITHM::UpdateAlg() + 66
4   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1.1_11.	0x00000001302c2278 cALGORITHM::UpdateDSPCoefs(bool) + 26
5   com.WavesAudio.RVerb.11.0.0   	0x0000000148d6391e WP_UpdateAlg + 25
6   com.WavesAudio.WaveShell1-VST3.11.0.0	0x000000012ecc40b8 WCWaveShell_VST_Processor::setState(Steinberg::IBStream*) + 420
7   com.steinberg.cubase10v5      	0x00000001085c400a 0x10759b000 + 16945162

Please, get in contact with Waves.

Hi Martin,

My apologies, I attached the wrong crash log file by accident.
Below is my latest Cubase Crash log (02-03-2020)

Please help, thank a lot Martin.


Thank you for the crash dump.

And actually now I can even reproduce it. The trick is, the VST Instrument folder hast to be collapsed (which is not, when you add a VST Instrument for the 1st time).

Reported to Steinberg CAN-27986.

Good to hear that Martin,

Sorry I was on a recording week and couldn’t reply you sooner.
You are right, it will happen if I add a new Rack instruments, while the Vst Instruments folder isn’t expanded.
If I expand the folder, everything is back to normal.

Thank you again for helping me.
Best of lucks.