[ISSUE] Issues with N7 (various)

Hey Steinberg - I didn’t want to bog down the forum with multiple posts, but I’ve been using Nuendo 7 quite a bit for the last few days and have come across a few issues. Been keeping track of them on Evernote so I figured I’d just compile them into a post rather than make multiple posts.

For what it’s worth, I’m using a Windows 7 64 Bit Machine with an Intel Core i7


  1. minor graphical issues with the mixer - around the border of the mixer and the edit window, there sometimes will appear to be doubling the channels, or a white bar, but on a space maybe 5-10 pixels wide? I don’t really know. Just sort of a weird graphical issues

  2. when removing the racks from the mixer (ie “disable the racks” or “hide racks” or whatever you want to call it) the mixer resizes DOWNWARD. Which I think is sort of odd. It doesn’t do this when you’re full screen mixer, but when you have the mixer docked to say the right half of your screen (I use one large screen) it will resize the top of the mixer DOWN rather than just stretch the faders upward.

  3. I have my configurations set up on key commands, and you have to actually click on the rack area for those key commands to work. ie., you have to be clicked into the “focus zone” or whatever it’s called. I feel like either hovering over the racks area rather than having to click might be better, or just allowing those key shortcuts to override whatever view you’re in

  4. “Fixed Number of Slots” function on racks doesn’t have the ability to be bound to a key command.

  5. “Fixed Number of Slots” doesn’t save with the workspaces. I feel like it should. If you’re doing a larger mixer, you can have the ability to show all the slots, but if you’re on a smaller mixer, you might need to expandable racks.

  6. Minor issue / suggestion: when editing the notes section on the mixer, the cursor is invisible, and you have to click outside of the notes feature, rather than just press enter to save the note. Not a huge deal, but it just seems more logical to me to press enter and it saves the note.

  7. Mixer will sometimes glitch and freeze fader scrolling, so you can’t scroll left or right. When you change the configuration, the mixer pops back into working again. Sort of an odd bug.

  8. Unless I’m doing something wrong, I don’t believe the “Wave Meters” are working…

  9. Load time of projects seems slower than usual

  10. Had VST bridge “stop responding” a few times and freeze up the program. I know this is probably a plugin issue and not a Nuendo Issue. A few of my plugins are rather old and some of the companies no longer make plugs or do updates.

  11. MIDI routing takes up 3 slots in the “routing” rack, but audio tracks take up 2. When scrolling horizontally on the mixer it sort of jumps up and down a little to follow the channels with two spaces on routing and 3…hard to explain I guess. This might be on purpose, and if it is, that’s totally fine, just thought I’d mention it in case it WASN’T on purpose.

  12. Ctrl Click doesn’t reset send level to 0.0 nor does it reset control room output to 0.0dBFS. It instead resets control room to reference level (which you can set with a key command) and goes back to default send level (which you set in preferences for a reason, but almost always vary it). Just a minor thing, but I think it’s worth considering

    Just keeping track of any little thing I notice that catches my attention. In general, I LOVE NUENDO 7! Such a big upgrade in a lot of ways, IMO. Most of these are pretty minor.

Thanks for these. Keep 'em coming….


Update: as far as I can tell #9 and #10 are only happening in sessions with 32 bit plugins. Sessions with 64 bit plugins only are loading fairly quick and not crashing. VST bridge seems to be really finicky…

I put this on the suggestions forum but I’ll put it here too.

#13 - Fader zoom doesn’t save with workspaces! I think it should. Full screen mixer could save with bigger faders but smaller mixer needs to save with smaller faders. It’s annoying to switch workspaces and then immediately have to zoom in or out.

#14 - I accidentally click the “select preset” button all the time on the inserts. I never use track presets and it annoys me to have such a tiny area to click an insert. Maybe move that to a right click menu or maybe that window comes up if you shift click the insert or something.


Regarding #10 on the list above has become less of an issue, as I’ve figured out a few plugins that are being problematic. NOT a Nuendo issue, HOWEVER, at the end of the day, if I look at my Task Manager (yes, CTRL ALT DEL) I will sometimes see multiple instances of VST bridge…any idea why this is? Seems like a lot of computer resources to be using for VST bridge, and so many instances…why??

Issue #15 - MIDI notes display as literal music notes on MIDI tracks. I feel stupid for not seeing a preference to change this - is there one? I prefer to see the bars so I can have a better idea of their LENGTH.

Issue #16 - When editing notes on the mixer, hitting enter should save/exit the note. Right now you have to click outside the note but the cursor doesn’t show up, so you don’t know where you’re clicking.

Issue #17 - you can’t edit any tracks while recording! Seriously bring this back.

Issue #18 - When you initially select a send, I feel like it should be enabled. Right now, when you go to your sends view on the mixer, and add a send, it starts of being disabled, so you have to add it, then click enable. Why two clicks for this? It should be implied that when I add a send, I want it on…haha

Issue #19 - PLEASE make it possible to undo fader movements! Not just automation movements, but actual fader movements. Sometimes you accidentally grab a fader and push it up only to realize you grabbed the wrong fader and didn’t remember where it was. The UNDO function should include fader movements, or at least give you the option in preferences for “Undo Function Includes Fader Movements” etc.

Issue #20 - You Can’t rearrange tracks in the mixer! Instead, by default, it will copy the settings. I feel like that’s not nearly as common of a process as rearranging tracks. If I need to duplicate a track, I’ll just duplicate the track. I will sometimes need to duplicate channel settings, but I feel like that would make more sense as an ALT+Drag function rather than the primary function! Instead, I vote that the primary function is that it will allow you to rearrange things in the mixer! It’s just like inserts. If you want to move around a plugin, you just drag it. If you want to copy it, you hold alt. The same should go for faders!

Issue #21 - I wish there was a key command for sequential input routing - and maybe there is and I’m missing it. Someone tell me! What I mean is, you select say 10 tracks, and you want them to be routed to inputs 1-10, so you hold alt and click and it routes them in order, Track one, input one, track two, input two, etc. etc. I feel like you used to be able to do this in previous versions…am I missing something?

That’s a lot of posting and is appreciated. Can you do a favor and fill in your system particulars in your Sig? It would help in looking at these issues. Mac/PC OS Rev kind of thing.


Good call…updated!

Hi Kendal,

thanks for posting the issues. We will have a look into them.
Btw, the first N7 maintenance update is already in the making!



Any news on a release date for the maintenance update?



Tease :wink:

Issue #22 - had a WEIRD issue happen today. I dragged in a tambourine sample (single hit) and made a little loop with it. I selected the audio files and wanted to bounce (aka consolidate), and when I do so, it consolidated the file but sped up the loop… Wasn’t in musical mode… Have NEVER had this happen before. If this is user error, please let me know. The funny thing is, I couldn’t get it to happen on ANY OTHER TRACK! it was just this tambourine thing I made. I eventually just did render in place but… I’m still baffled as to how it consolidated at the wrong tempo. Both tempo track AND session tempo were the same. No tempo changes. Baffling.

Issue #23 - when you “add selected channels to a group” you can name the group. That’s good. When you add selected tracks to a new folder, you can name the folder. But if you put both of those in a macro (add to new folder and send to group) it doesn’t let you name the folder in one fell swoop, so you type in the group name but the folder remains unchanged. So you have a group but then you have to go back and name the folder…It should ask you for the folder name, then for the group name, but for some reason it skips the folder naming when both are in a macro.

Issue 24: after rendering something, the windows seem to be jumpy and will sometimes disappear. So I have to go back to my main workspace. Just doing various functions makes the windows all jumpy and they’ll just close oddly. I just want Nuendo to stay OPEN. I don’t need windows minimized. Ever. I don’t want the background to disappear so I can see my desktop. EVER. personal preference but I really dislike the jumpiness of the new window setup. I use one LARGE screen so it has really been frustrating.

Issue 25: I tend to Leave Nuendo Open all the time, but even when everything is minimized and im just viewing my desktop it basically won’t allow my computer to go to screensaver or turn off the screen. Anyone else experienced this? Another odd feature of the new windows handling.

Issue 26: render in place (export - dry mode) takes longer than consolidate. Way longer. But as you can see I’ve had issues with consolidate/bounce. Why? It doesn’t seem like it should.

Issue 27: basically 50% of my 32 bit plugins are unusable in N7. They crash VST bridge and my session. Basically makes opening old sessions pointless.

Issue 28: my CC121 works fine with N7… For the most part. But the EQ doesn’t work right, and by not right I mean it’s not working at all with the CC121… yes I have latest driver. Is there a new firmware?

issue 29: the list of recent projects is HUGE. 30 recent projects… Is there a place to change this? I looked! I swear! Gah I must be blind if it’s in an obvious place. Sorry in advance if it is.

Issue 30: the font on the edit window tracks is oddly large…stuff gets to be too long to read very quickly. is it possible to change the font and or font size on the edit window tracks? Or the mixer tracks for that matter? I know j can increase the number of character slots available and obviously the width of the tracks.

Issue 31: I feel like the mouse hovering over the edit or mix window should “select if” in terms of focus mode. I’m tired of clicking the mixer, then doing key commands, then clicking edit, and another few key commands. At least make it an open for “hovering selects focus zones” or something. That would be nice.

Issue 32: if you have two tracks linked, and you also happen to have Q link on, if you adjust the level of one fader via holding ALT, it takes like 2 seconds to recognize “oh you’re holding alt, I’ll let you adjust this fadedr individually now.” And it doesn’t seem normal. Seems like it’s stalling. Really threw me off today-- I was making LOTS of linked groups and then had to pull down the level of the left on one, the right on the next, etc, and each time it it just acted slow with the Q link on (which I had on because I was working with 30 pairs of tracks, just made it easier)

Well, good news is that it’s getting harder to find issues. Some of these are weak sauce I know, but if you have an answer for me or one is in the manual that I’m not seeing, please correct me!

"Issue #17 - you can’t edit any tracks while recording! Seriously bring this back. "

Hey, had a whole thread about it - there was NO respons at all!
Topic is over here:

PLEASE! Take a look into this STEINBERG! At the moment this is very very odd!!!
Please fix this!


the Nuendo 7.0.30 update is scheduled still for August. More info on the
fixes are available next week!


Hey Timo,

Any more info on this?


Gettin real close to the end of August here ;p

The silence is now frustrating.

I’m tempted to say “Well I’d rather they take their time and get it right than rush it out just to satisfy our call for meeting a deadline”… except people always say that. They say it before the initial release, and then they repeat the same thing for the maintenance updates etc.

It also does absolutely nothing to calm the nerves when there’s no communication on just how things are supposed to be, with regards to VCAs for example.

Yeah… I feel like what most people want when they visit forums like this is communication. Delays are totally understandable, but they really should be communicated.

I must 100% agree with the last couple of posts !
Please Steinberg, do not rush, or try to meet deadlines.
Make this update work, without major issues.
Most of us are professionals and working right now, making a living with whatever DAW or workaround is helping us to do so.

But yea…at least a post on what is being addressed this time would be welcome.
Just throw us a tiny bone here SB :sunglasses:

Not sure you got the gist of my post… at least I feel it’s validated now… :wink:

Doubly validated in September.