[ISSUE] Laggy Cubase While Playing Video

Hi all,

I’ve been using Cubase for over 10 years and recently I got a new top-end laptop and made the jump to 64 bit Windows 7 and 64 bit Cubase 7. On my old 32 bit machine with 32 bit Cubase 7, I never had any problems with video playback and simultaneously importing audio, adding tracks and so on.

Since using the laptop everything slows down in Cubase when playing any videos while the player window is open. I import .mov or .mp4 into my project and I am not doing anything different since upgrading. I am guessing there is something wrong with the 32 bit - 64 bit bridge perhaps? There are 3 processes in task manager called videoecodec.exe, videooutput.exe and videopreload.exe. These are all 32 bit processes that only run when Cubase is running. Can’t see a way of getting these to 64 bit and increasing priority of them does nothing.

The laptop is an i7 4980 MQ, 32gb RAM, 1TB SSD, GTX 870 6GB DDR. It shouldn’t be struggling with anything.

Here is what I do:

  1. New project
  2. Import video file
  3. Open Video window, watch video while playing
  4. Response time on clicking any menus / doing anything is delayed by about a second
  5. Stop playing video - everything is fine again.

The video and the audio itself plays back fine, no lag or distortion. I have checked the devices, I only have Onscreen Window available. I’ve tried reducing quality of video to 75%, no difference. I’ve tried boosting video performance, no difference. I’ve installed the latest version of QuickTime and have the latest Cubase 7 patch. I really don’t know why this is happening. Please help me!!


i will always convert the video to the lowest bearable quality first, i have a 6 (12) core @ 4GHz and still get issues if i directly drop in videos i get from the film producers in full quality.