Issue: Legato Stopped working.


All of a sudden, legato stopped working. Anyone knows why? I tried in safe mode ( disabling plugins and preferences). Please see the gif. My project has a single piano track with 4 voices (12 and 56) routed to Yamaha Piano in Halion Sonic SE.

However, when I open a new track, Legato works!

Is my track corrupted? There should be something that it prevents notes to be coverted to legato. For now, I use Trim End right tool.

I don’t see a gif, but maybe that’s because I’m on my phone right now.
Anyway, I hope I understand what you mean, but here goes. If you mean that the length of the selected notes doesn’t change in the midi editor when clicking on legato, I encounter this too sometimes and tackle this bij changing the legato overlap percentage 1 click down and then suddenly there is legato. No idea what causes this, but I guess it must be some kind of bug.
I hope this is what you mean and that this little trick helps you as lengthening the notes manually like you do, is a time consuming job.

Here is the .gif file.

Thank you for the workaround. I will give it a try.