[ISSUE] Linked faders pb

Hi, I’m pretty sure this has been already reported but nearly everytime I run into an “issue” a “bug” or whatever, the search function in the forum hardly ever comes up with something relevant.

repro :

  • link two or more faders on the mix console that have different values/positions
  • the relative relationship between the two is broken if you take a fader all the way down and release the mouse button
  • click again on one fader and raise the volume, both faders now have identical values
  • the relative relationship in maintained only as long as you dont release the mouse button.


Am I doing something wrong ? No one has this pb ?

I can not confirm here. Seems to work for me as it should.

I did that. Once again.
It is working here as it should.
I have 6.0.6 installed.

strange, i can repro everytime, i’m on 6.0.6 and I am pretty sure this was already the case since the initial release of N6…

I thought so, it can’t be happening to everyone…I’ll have to try to find out what it can be related to…

Lydiot, what could we have in common ?
I’m using an Alphatrack from Frontier Designs and a Tranzport from the same company…


Hm, run fine here too. Latest version, without delete prefs …