[issue] Mac: Second Monitor Window Sizing Issue

When windows are opened on monitor 2 (editors and MixConsole) they are not recalled full screen (maximized). Instead, the top of the windows always align with the bottom of the menu bar on Monitor 1 (see attached pic). As a result, the bottom of the window is forced off screen (along with scroll bar, etc).

Recalling workspaces also forces windows to appear lower down.
Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 13.00.05.png

I´m not quite sure what the problem is as I can not find an attached file, but it seems more like a MAC display setting problem. You are aware that you have an alignment option in the display settings?

The behavior of Cubase 7 is different to Cubase 6. On 6 I can recall Workspaces and open windows full screen on monitor 2. In Cubase 7 I cannot. Windows always open lower down on the screen for me.

I’ve seen others post about missing scroll bars, etc. This happens to me, because of this issue.

Have you tried right clicking in the top menu bar for “full screen”?

The point is that windows do not open full screen. I can make them full screen once opened, however.