[issue] markers on locked markers track change position

this is an issue i observe in c6 but just encountered on a nuendo 4 system as well, so does not seem to be version-specific.

the issue on top of this issue is reproducibility at the moment; what happens is, i may have a locked markers track in a all-audio project, and while chopping away audio, a stray marker on the [locked] marker track will just move to the place in the arrange where i have just performed an audio editing operation (usually i will execute a number of different macro’s in succession so i have not been able to tell yet how to trigger this behaviour. most often though, this will happen when doing ‘cut time’ or ‘delete time’, and switching between the range and select tools).

anyone ran into this issue? i can’t seem to figure this one out… despite the marker track being locked, sometimes marker events will move position following certain edits in the arrange (N4, C5, C6, C7.5).

I haven’t seen it, but once you fix your repro to have fewer line breaks, longer sentences, and more unlisted commands maybe you could perform it at a poetry slam. :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: