[Issue] MC Control Zooms ONLY in Project Window

This problem has been mentioned in other threads… but deserves its own.

MC Control will not zoom in the drum editor, tempo editor, sample editor or key editor. Works fine in the Project editor.

This is a big pain.


Here is Support replay I got few days ago:

"I checked with our developers and they are looking into the issue. I think it is most likely related to the fact that there is not an official Eucon Adapter for Nuendo 6. I’m sorry but at this time we do not have an ETA on when a Eucon Adapter for C7/N6 will be released.

I will let you know if I receive any further updates from the developers on this.

Chris Dobbs
Steinberg US Support"

Thanks for that, Shauli.

Very confusing-- seeing as how we’ve read elsewhere that N6 had its own Eucon update.




:unamused: :cry:

Starting to wonder if this will be the fallout of the EuCon protocol development being handed over to AVID. Curious how this would/will affect development. Perhaps Steinberg is concentrating on the Nuage protocol and leaving EuCon in it’s current state?

It’s kind of like AAF - to what point can we hold manufacturers liable for halting development of a protocol that is developed/being continuously developed by a competitor?

Certainly hope this EuCon stuff gets cleared up. Still having some weird scroll wheel behavior when trying to add a fade in realtime during playback - cursor gets locked up in fade and halts playback.

Cheers -


Well… I sure hope it gets fixed, quick. Am on a music project now, meaning using a lot more than the project window.

This is a real inconvenience. Very aggravating. At least 5.5 still works…


[Issue] added.


How can you say this? N6 sure has an offcial EuCon adapter. It comes bundled with the installer. So no more hit and miss by using the wrong version.

There are bugs with EuCon and N6, some are fixed in N6.0.3, some are fixed in the Eucon 2.7.1 update from Avid.
And more will be fixed in 6.0.4

To the original poster: Download 6.0.3 if you haven’t and of course Eucon 2.7.1 from Avid.


I have done both. It is not yet fixed.

Zooming only works in the project window. Not in the sample editor, not in the key editor, not in the tempo editor. Only the project window.Tried it in both 32 and 64 bit, and have gone back to double-check in 5.5, where it all still works as it’s supposed to.

This remains an issue that needs to be repaired, at least in my (and others who have commented here and in other threads’) experience.

On the other hand… are you saying you have an Artist Series controller and are not having this issue? If so, I’ll investigate further.


I agree, it should of course be fixed. And I’m sure SB agrees.

I have an Artist Mix, Control and Transport.

Best wishes,

I have full confidence in Steinberg’s wanting to fix this as well. Please don’t confuse my posts with others in the thread! :sunglasses:

The question here now is: are you or are you NOT having these problems?

You suggested the updates earlier as if they might correct the specific issue we’re discussing here. Are you or are you not experiencing the zoom issue on your setup?

If you are NOT experiencing this issue, obviously there are system-specific factors that would have it working on yours and not on mine or others who have noted the problem. If there’s a way to troubleshoot and even limp through until the next update, I’d like to figure it out. As mentioned before, it’s a major pain.



Latest version of Eucon adapter and Eucon here, and no, MC Control zoom does not work in editors. It still affects the main timeline even with an editor in focus.

The only workaround I know of is to drop back to key commands for editor zoom control.

I also have the zoom issue. And it isn’t only with Eucon.


Interesting! Thanks. Here’s to a quick fix.