Issue: Media Bay not showing some folders/files in C11


I added a bunch of new sample packs to my sound library folder and they don’t show up in Right-Zone Media Bay on C11.0.10. I also tried C10 and they show up fine and can be previewed there.

What happens is: the folder shows up in the top view of the file browser, but when clicking on it, nothing shows up in the bottom view that usually is supposed to show the files.

This ONLY happens to the new folders I added yesterday. All my other folders are fine.

I tried the F5-Mediabay window and the same thing happens there, but if I hit the “include folders and subfolders” button at the top left, then the window refreshes and shows the files in the right side.

I can not find any refresh option for folders in the Right-Zone Mediabay. Right-click on a folder doesn’t give me that option.

No issue in C10.

I am running Win10 Home with whatever the newest update currently is.