Issue: MediaBay - changing 'User Content' visible Attribute Columns changes 'Favorites' visible attribute columns

1.) MediaBay > ‘Include Folder and Subfolder’ activated
2.) Select ‘User Content’ change its visible Attribute columns
3.) Select favorites, the changes made to ‘User Content’ are reflected there.
side note: I do not have ‘User Content’ as part of my favorites, nor anything in User Content as part of my favorites.

In general, the visible attribute columns protocol in MediaBay is very inconsistent. Some folders seem to be able to have their own attribute visibility setting whereas others seem shared. Also, switching ‘Include Folders and Subfolders’ on or off also changes what columns are visible - which is maybe intended or not intended… maybe a user wants different attribute column settings for each viewing mode. but all in all, i feel there is inconsistency generally.