[ISSUE] MediaBay Not Updating After New Folders Were Added


I just added some new sound libraries to my folder that I configured in MediaBay. The folder was registered in the define locations. I clicked Rescan and I could see the red folder moving from folder to folder to rescan for content. But MediaBay didn’t get that there were new folders added.

I tried several ways to make it update. Eventually, only a click on the checkbox on the top level root folder helped. The click didn’t uncheck the box beside the root folder, but it made MediaBay suddenly find the added folders.

I think this is a bug. A rescan should definitely find sub-folders and audio files added below a registered location. Right?

I don’t know really.

Example: You have a folder containing five folders, where two are “marked” and included in the database search, while three are excluded. Now you add more folders to the main folder.
What is the best default action? To add all newly added folders to your database or not to?
If it adds them should they automatically add them to all search presets or just the current/selected one?

While there are several weird situations that can happen in the mediabay, this is truly a thing that (to me) doesn’t seem to have a best solution choice either way.

Hi ErikG

I understand what you say. However, this is not what happened. If these folders were not in the subfolder and because of that, didn’t have a checkmark, that’s fine. I would add the checkmark. Done.

However, MediaBay didn’t even display these folders. That’s why I clicked Rescan and everything, but in the folder list, they weren’t there. Only, as I said, when I clicked the topmost root folder checkbox, suddenly these folders appeared. As if Nuendo was saying: Oooohh, aha, hey look there are new folders!

There are two different commands for that. One is to scan for new files the other to show any added folder. You have to do the folder first and then scan it. Not at Nuendo right now so can’t say the proper terms.
It is rather clumsy though.

Its “Refresh Views”. That should bring in any new created Folders.
But I agree: When a folder is created in Mediabay the refreh should automaticaly be done by the software. What sens does it make to creat a folder and not show it.


well it IS a database, continually refreshing it is a bad idea, but yes needs to be done smarter than it currently is.