[ISSUE]Midi CC automation valúes reconfigured without motive

Kontakt instruments MIDI CC Automation is reconfigured with other values (always with same values) when go to “Output” from “Edit Channel Settings”.

To reproduce:

-Create empty project
-Open “VST Instruments” and Add kontakt in “Instrument rack”
-Load an instrument in Kontakt
-Go to “Edit Channel Settings”
-In “Edit Channel Setting”, go to “Go to Output”

  • Result: Kontakt MIDI CC automation values are configured with different ones.

Tested with several instruments like Mural, Felt Piano Rise& Hit, Evolve…It is most noticeable with spitfire products because all the faders values change.

This not happen with Cubase 7.5.20

Can anyone confirm this is a bug in Cubase Pro 8?.

Uploaded two videos where you see the problem better:

Cubase 7.5.20:


Cubase Pro 8: