Issue: MIDI Plugin Windows seem to lose their Workspace memory (open/close state and position on screen)

I’m not sure why, and it seems different from the typical problem of VST plugins needing the same workspace activated multiple/2-3 times to fully transition and properly position as they were saved.

Reactivating the workspace multiple times in regards to MIDI plugins doesn’t solve the issue.

I’ve trouble shooted a bit but haven’t narrowed down exactly how to duplicate the issue… but a few things are clear:

-Multiple instances of the same MIDI plugin seem to eventually conflict with each other, ie.
If I have a MIDItrack-Piano, and a MIDItrack-Bass, and they both have the MIDI Modifier plugin inserted and they’re both saved to a workspace, one will eventually become positionally confused with the other. ie, both plugins can’t have their own Workspace position.
^^ This is intermittent though, what I’m not sure of, is how and when the confusion happens

-Sometimes, MIDI plugin windows, simply are not even recalled open from a workspace even though they were saved open with the workspace. When re-opened as they should have been, they open in a position which was not how they were saved with the workspace.

again this is intermittent, not sure cause yet.

-Could be discrepancy between plugins enabled/disabled
-multiple of the same plugin on different MIDI tracks
-background global settings conflicting with workspaces
-just a plain problem with the protocol/MIDI plugins not properly implemented into Workspaces
-Re-ordering of Workspaces in Workspace Organizer
-could be to do with ‘Always Ontop’ state
-Project close/re-open
Could be a combination of one of the above.