Issue: midi remote on vst viewer module - prev, zoom in and out don't work

On the vst viewer module, for pdf, the midi learn function work, it learns the midi remote command.

But only next and start do the right job.
Previous command work only for 1 time. Then you have to click with the mouse on screen, to restore di midi remote function, icon also disappear.

Instead, zoom out and in never work with remote control assigned.

Keep in mind that, in learn mode, I can see the number of the note of a keyboard I used as testing the remote command, and this is for all the five functions, commands seem learned.

I Tried with modules e on single part, or module in part global and songs .

up. never changed in 1.1.43

Hi @frankvenice,

Fixed in the next VST Viewer version.

Fixed in the next VST Viewer version, too.

Thank you for your reminder,

waiting, thanks.