"Issue" MIDI Remote Script Console Error

When I first start Cubase 12 Pro (either new project or existing project) a window called “MIDI Remote Script Console” pops up. On one of the lines it shows in red, saying a script for a controller keyboard I do not have, has an error.
This screen happens every time I open a project in Cubase now.
I will try to include a screen shot.
I also have issues getting the controller I do own to work properly, but that is another post, per requests from the site.



That means, there is an error in your script at line 136.

Thank you for the reply!

Though, I have not written any scripts.

(To tell me that the script error message, means that I have a script error, is not helpful)

How are the scripts loaded and where in Cubase are they stored and edited? Can U please explain more, so that I can stop the error?

I’m also having trouble getting my Arturia Keylab mkII 61 MIDI controller keyboard to function properly and was wondering if this script error has anything to do with my difficulty mapping it.

Thanks again,


I wanted to apologize for the tone of my last reply! I replied by email and mistakenly thought I was talking to Steinberg Tech Support and not a member of the forum! I apologize.