[issue] misaligned thumbnails for VSTi:s

Go to:
Right Zone > Media > VST instruments
and drag and drop an instrument in the Track List.
When the GUI appears hit the camera button to create a thumbnail in place of the generic image in the Media pane. This used to work just fine but now it seems to be totally misaligned?

When I do this with the VSTi in the middle of the screen the upper left corner of the VSTi is not aligned with the upper left corner of the thumbnail so there is a large portion of the project window visible in the thumbnail and the thumbnail is just displaying half of the VSTi. If I do this in the lower right corner of the screen the VSTi is totally gone.

A half assed workaround is moving the VSTi to the upper left corner where it seems to be OK but some VSTi are chopped off at the right side instead. So it’s not really working.

Last summer my 1920x1080 screen died on me so I had to get another one. I chose a 3440x1440 screen and it works but could also be the culprit of the thumbnails misalignment?

It’s cute with thumbnails and a little more inspirational than just a list of names on the screen, but not a big deal. Still I’d like to have this back and running.

Can anyone repro this?


Hi, it’s me again!

Here are the thumbnails:
C:\Users\HowlingUlf\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails
The last correct thumbnails was Backbone from 21-08-31 which kind of points towards the new screen hypothesis, right?