Issue: Mixer: Visibility Configuration Presets store 'Racks' views, but changing Racks Views doesn't afford ability to update Visibility Configuration

1.)Create a visibility configuration
2.)Add or hide one track
3.)‘Update Configuration’ becomes available in the Visibility Configuration menu, BUT DO NOT click 'Update Configuration"
4.)Make half the ‘Racks’ hidden, so that only a few are visible (say Pre, Inserts, and EQ)
5.)Now click Update Configuration.
6.)Add/unhide some more tracks to this configuration, change your visible ‘Racks’ to be different from the ones you already configured.
7.)save this a new configuration.
8.)Switch between these two configurations and you will see the Rack Views is saved with the configuration.
9.)Select one of the configurations now and ONLY change the Rack Views to be different, - you will see in the ‘Visibility Configurations’ menu, that ‘Update’ is grayed out.

The only way therefor for a user to accomplish this, is to first delete the configuration, and then resave it.