Issue moving from Windows Cubase to MAC Cubase

I have a Windows 7 machine running 2 MR816CSX w/ Cubase 7.5 latest update. The machine is a Quadcore Lenovo laptop 32 G RAM optimized for DAW with Areo off and everything disabled that can be. I have a few projects with 15 or so trachs and 6 or 8 plugins. I’m attempting to record vox and keep having intermittent drop-outs avery 20 secs or so and have buffer turned way up. I can’t find anything that would cause it since most services are disabled that can be as well as hardware etc… I have a MAC Book Pro also Quadcore with 16GB RAM and have installed latest ver of Cubase and connect all the same MR hardware to a FW Card and have checked that Studio outputs etc… are setup like the win version. For some reason it appears to run correctly visually with all plugins in place but I can’t get the sound to output. I cannot find any reason and think maybe I’m missing something. My reason for try the MAC is to see if it eliminates the droputs since I cannot resolve on Win. Am I wasting time trying the mac or is this a better move in the long run just working out the output issues. I don’t want to start a MAC vs Windows argument as I am a lifetime windows users and only a 2 year MAC user and use both daily in my real job. Any ideas, thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

Am I wasting time trying the mac

Aloha t,

IMHO Cubase is a more efficient and ‘zippier’ programme
while running in a Windows environment.

Good Luck!

I don’t believe your drop-out problem is coming from Cubase, try creating a new project and vox record 1 track only also try another DAW, though I’d believe it to be your external hookup.

By external hookup do you mean a bad Firewire cable? Bad PCI Firewire card or bad MR816CSX? I really appreciate any help tracking this down.

Are you using Windows legacy firewire driver?

Is wi-fi disabled?

Yes, using Legacy drivers and yes, wifi is disabled as are all devices for networking in device manager. I’ve set this machine up for Cubase DAW only.

Download and run LatencyMon. Does it show any issues?

I have it show’s nothing. Actually in the perfect range consistently. This is why I find the dropouts frustrating. I will try to get it working on the MAC and see if I have the same issue. At the same time I will install PT11 demo and see if I have the same issue on Windows with it.

Do you see the glitches on the Cubase asio or disk meter?

If you open task manager\performance window do you see cpu spikes when the dropouts happen?

Can you definitely playback audio smoothly in any other software via the MRs?

No CPU spikes at all. It just seems to be audio dropouts in playback. I’ve installed PT using the MRs and copied my wav files and don’t have droputs on playback. However, in this process and an above post regarding turning off wifi, I have been disabling the wifi adapter but have apparently overlooked a mini port adapter in device manager. I disabled this and on the same Cubase project I played back the entire file with no droputs a few times. I’m not sure this is the resolution as I didn’t disable this miniport before playing PT and it didn’t droupout on the same project files. I will play with this without that adapter for a few hours and see if this is a resolution or if the last few playbacks were a fluke and report back my findings for other user’s future refrence.

Good luck!

Well the dropout issues still exist so I’m trying the MAC setup and need someone more MAC savvy on Cubase on MAC than myself. My issue is that I can’t get audio output. I am using the exact same MR816CSXs and Project from the PC and verified the Studio outputs are correct etc… I verified that the FW is selected as audio in the MAC midi/audio utility. Cubase appears to be playing the audio in the meters but I am missing something in my setup. I’ve read back through the Docs on the MR and Cubase for MAC and sill no go. Any thoughts or direction is greatly appreciated.

Just a followup. I have mixed down and created a new project from the files and the Output works. What am I missing? Is there something I’m missing by using the copied audio files from the windows machine? Or will I have to follow this process and re-build the project in the MAC. Also the newly created project doesn’t dropout on the MAC and the MAC isn’t as powerful as my windows machine.