Issue: Multiple rests now working for all measures


I am setting the Multi-Rests option to 1 ( in page mode and showing only Harp part). However, it does not convert all eligible empty measures to multiple rests. Please see the gif.

bars 7 and 8 does not convert to multiple rest!

What am I doing wrong please?


It works as expected here to me.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

If it still doesn’t work, could you share the project (to at lease a snipped of it, where you can reproduce it)?

I did safe mode disabled all the plugins… still doesn’t work! (113 KB)


From the Cubase Safe Start Mode, could you choose Deactivate Preferences temporarily option, please?


Sorry, when I open the project, I can see different notes in the bar 1-19. So I cannot reproduce it here…

I was able to reproduce this problem (see attached pic).
I’ve used Cubase’s scoring editor extensively since V1, but have not had this issue.

I might cross-post this to the Scoring forum…

Cubase Pro 10.0.4 Win 7 (64 bit)

It seems your not in page mode. I had problem even in page mode.


To me it looks like all of us we are in the Page mode.

This from TheMaestro: This is because some note on the first beat after the last empty bar(s) actually start slightly before the start of the bar. You can check in the Info Line.
Apply appropriate Quantize to the involved note (select the first note(s) in bars 8 and 16 and hit “Q” on your keyboard, or use the Inspector in Score Editor, or check in the Key Editor to correct by snapping the note to grid for example.
If you do not want to move the notes, it’s another story…

chikitin: the attachment is in page mode…you won’t see any multirests in edit mode


Oh, that’s a great idea!

At the other hand, Cubase could be smart enough and follow the Display Quantize even in the case of multirests. So if the note is displayed in the next bar, the bar should be taken as empty, as full rest. Maybe a feature request?

I’m thinking that Cubase Score (circa 1990s) used to have this feature as I don’t recall ever having this issue in the past. I totally support this as being a feature request, as a workflow improvement and to make Cubase more of a professional scoring program.