[Issue] Mystic doesn't load correct sound in Cubase 6.06

Unfortunately, I think they finally got this figured out on C6.5.4 and they may have ended the C6 update cycle by then…

It’s good to hear they got it fixed. In theory then if I updated to Cubase 6.5.4 or higher, mystic and prologue would work properly in 64 bit? And old cubase 5.5.3 32bit projects using these vsts would make the correct sounds?

Well, I can say that MY older projects, created with a version BEFORE this issue arose, loaded and played correctly in the newer version in which the issue was fixed.

My Mystic user presets in my older Cubase 4 projects do not load correctly in Cubase 8.5 64bit on osx. This is really poor show when older projects don’t function, or even moreso, user synth presets that I spent hours crafting are no longer viable.

If I reload the preset it seems to help somewhat, but when the project is saved and reopened, the problem was still there. I figured that it was not perhaps saving the on-screen synth values, so I went to EVERY PARAMETER on the synth and jiggled them up a notch then back to the my user value (using my mouse wheel), or toggled on/off, then saved this new user preset. Seems to have solved the problem! My old C4 project now plays through its Mystic synth automations exactly as before! Am using Macbook Pro 2009, 8Gb RAM, osx 10.8.5.

I discovered that my older Cubase 7 project does not load correctly in Cubase 8.5 - my Mystic preset sounds VERY different than in my original project. I made screen shots of the synth parameters in Cubase 7 and manually tweaking them in Cubase 8.5 to match does NOT fix the problem. However, I did find what looks like a bug! In the attached screenshots circled in red you can see my LFO is square wave linked to MIDI clock with a value of 0.904. There is already a problem here as this value should not be a float but a beat increment (eg 1/4).

In Cubase 8.5 64bit I loaded the default preset Subtile and you can see that the LFO midi syn is a beat increment and not a float.
When I load my own preset created in 7.5 you can see that the LFO MIDI sync has a float value!!

I did manage to open the Cubase 7.5 proj successfully with correct synth sound in Cubase 8.5 32bit, but it keeps crashing.

There’s something buggy here somewhere…

I know others have reported major problems opening older projects, but this level of backward incompatability is really unacceptable!!

Anyone out there got a fix for this?

cubase 9.53

saving project with mystics, turn off cubase, then load cubase, open project - all mystic sounds sound different.

i fount that mystic has so nice sonic character, unique and deep. but this preset thing make it almost unworkable…

so sad

omagad! spector having the same issue!
thats crazy