[ISSUE] N 8.2 almost always crashes when closing a project.

This is a big one, for me: Every time I work on a C9.5 project in N8.2, it will crash (disappear) after I close the project. I hope this can be remedied very soon – the exact same projects do not crash C9.5 when I close them. I haven’t started a completely new project in N8.2 yet, so I can’t say whether or not it would crash then, too. I’ll hold off on buying until this gets remedied or someone can point to something that I can do to fix it (I did trash preferences).

Anyone else experiencing this? Everything is perfectly stable and great until I close a Cubase project loaded into Nuendo, then N 8.2 disappears. I’ll start a shorter upcoming scoring project completely in Nuendo tomorrow see what happens.

Drat – happens with projects started fresh in N8.2 as well, with only a few plugins and no virtual instruments. Not when they’re very small but as soon as I start adding more than a few tracks and the projects get bigger. I’ll go back to Cubase (9.5.2) until this is remedied, unless there’s something I can do about it – I open and close projects tons of times every day so this is not workable for me. :frowning:

It doesn’t look like others are experiencing this, unless those who are just aren’t responding here. Cubase 9.5.2 never crashes when closing a project, so I’m not sure what I need to do to remedy it in Nuendo? Again, I tried trashing prefs, didn’t help.

I find it crashes a lot. Sometimes it will crash on loading too, forcing me to restart my computer, then loads fine. If I am not on the project very long, it closes, but if it has been running for over 30 minutes…crash every time. I found a slight improvement trashing prefs, but no fix for me as of yet. All my drivers are up to date as well. It seems not many people are having this issue, as to the lack of posts supporting this issue, so it is a quandary.

I have to force quit both Nuendo and Cubase every time if I got heavy projects with many (Acustica and UAD) plugins active.

Crash on quit or failing to quit is pretty much always caused by drivers that aren’t properly released.
Can be anything , midi device, USB whatever, UAD, Soundcard, …
Be sure to always use the latest drivers.


Crashing on close almost constantly here too. Latest drivers here (RME, no UAD).

Thanks Fredo, I’ll try that (I’m on Mac – I remember my Windows days when the drivers meant so much for stability, but I know it can affect Macs too).

I updated every driver I could find on my Mac – unfortunately Nuendo still crashes whenever I close a project. Any other ideas/suggestions? It’s killing me!

Hi there, had the same problem on my mac. Sorry i haven’t read the whole thread, but I disabled the hub and it seems to have stopped.

Thanks, I will try that.

same here on 3 different DAWs & hardware configs.
For some reason it depends on how long a session is open for it to crash
or not when closing.