[issue] n6 control room reverts to default state

i originally posted about this bug (feature?) in the cubase forum, but working with nuendo 6 i realised it behaves the same way, and a report with regard to nuendo could maybe carry more weight, so i’ll try here as well.

i’ll just copy what i’d written about cubase, because the issue is exactly the same.

however i set up the panels in control room, whenever i bring it up (using a keycommand), it defaults to its (useless) default state. (ie. if i set it up to display the inserts, it then takes another one to two clicks + mousing to get it back where it was.)

( original thread: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=55275&p=336069#p336069 )

Yes, this drives me nuts!

i heard from sb it’s being addressed in the next c7 update. (hopefully identical for a nuendo update.)

Not sure if this is exactly the same issue but “this drives me nuts” just the same. Plugins in the Control Room do not always open with the project, as saved.

I use a vst multiscope and vst VU meter plugin in my control room setup inserts which I leave open and save in all my projects. Randomly, they do not launch when a project is opened. 1/2 the time (but not always) after opening a project I need to open Control Room mixer, select Control Room, select Setup, then launch the two plugins.

I have two studios with nearly identical DAW computers running Nuendo with identical control room and plugin configurations. In N5.5 as I passed projects back and forth they always opened projects correctly with Control Room plugins opened 100% of the time as saved, N6 does not. It would be nice address this quark. Thanks.

Nuendo is great