[ISSUE]N7+MC PRO: automation issue on "selected track'

When riding automation on my MC Pro’s faders or soft knobs, I experience the following issue:

On my MC Pro, I’ve got 4 faders which I can assign to any track. I assigned my 4th fader to “the attentioned track” which is , in Nuendo’s terms: the selected track.

When I switch on Nuendo’s pref “Track Selection Follows Event selection” and I select a event, that track automatically got selected by Nuendo and it’s brought up to my MC Pro’s 4th fader and the MC pro’s Soft Knobs. Perfect.
Though; when riding automation, with all my tracks in Write-mode (Touch), I sometimes select an event (and it’s track is -again- automatically selected), and after that, I select another track to actual write my automation. While this event on “track A” is still selected, and “track B” is selected in Nuendo and on my MC Pro’s 4th fader, and if I try to write any automation by touching a control (fader or soft knob) , Nuendo gets confused and replaces “track B” ,which should be under fader 4, to “track A”…

If I switch off the pref “Track Selection Follows Event Selection”, all functions as it should be…
Anyone else experiencing this?

Niek/ Amsterdam.


I would say, the main issue here is, the “track A” keeps the selection. Is there any reason for this? Any other specific Preferences settings?


I just tested it, and it works as expected here. Only one track is selected, and the automation is written to the one (newly selected) track only.

Thanks Martin,
are you working on EuCon ? Or on a “stand alone” Nuendo-rig?


I tested it with EuCon: Artist Mix.

I just tested it again, with an empty project, and the issue remains…

I think it’s the MC Pro which sends out some wrong messages to Nuendo.
When I select a event on “Track A” and ride the fader on “Track B” WITH MY MOUSE, and have “Track Selection Follows Event selection” on, Nuendo acts as expected. When I do the same, but by touching my MC Pro’s fader instead of grabbing my mouse, Nuendo acts confused and writes automation to “Track A” …
Time to report this to Avid…

Just experienced exactly what you describe and remembered your posting. Good to know. …
I am using Eucon with an Artist Control.
If you get anything from AVID please led us know.