[ISSUE] N7 moves edit points when audio is dragged-UPDATE

This is an update with the original first post retained below it:

Alrighty then.

It is possible that I am showing my ignorance here (which I don’t enjoy), but I found the problem. What is confusing to me is whether the “problem” is intended behavior.

“Delete Overlaps” in Preferences is what causes this behavior. I don’t remember checking it, but when checked, the behavior I describe is exactly what happens.

Here is what I find puzzling. Why would you ever want a function to automatically revamp your punch-in points to reveal the parts of the recording you didn’t like and had specifically recorded over. I think you would not. Ever. But, as it turns out, the behavior is the same in N6.5, the oldest revision I have on my system.

Which leads me to the conclusion that the intended function of “Delete Overlaps” has become inverted at some point in development. In that, instead of deleting the overlapping portion of the earlier/older file that comes AFTER the punch-in point (the desired behavior), instead it deletes the overlapping portion of the later/newer file that comes BEFORE the END of the earlier/older file and retains the earlier/older file until it ends. Only at the point the previous file ends is the newer file used.

So the net result is:

  1. Activate “Delete Overlaps”
  2. Record a complete (let’s say vocal) pass on the song.
  3. Punch-in to correct (let’s say 10) bad spots in the vocal.
  4. Select all of the audio and drag it to a new track or position.
  5. You now have only the original pass with none of your punches.


  1. Make a succession of punch-ins to complete a pass piece by piece.
  2. Select all of the audio and drag it to a new track or position.
  3. None of the actual punch-in points are retained, all of them being moved later.

So either this function has unintentionally been inverted in it’s logical process, or else it should be relabeled “Automatically Offset Every Punch-in Made to An Undesired Position”. I am attempting to articulate this as clearly as possible, but please feel free to challenge or ask if it is not clear.

Am I missing something here? Can some/all of you guys activate “Delete Overlaps” and see if you can confirm my repro in the original first post below? And if so, does anyone (forum member or from SB) care to take a shot at explaining why this would ever be a desired behavior? At least there is an easy fix, obviously, but in it’s current state, why does “Delete Overlaps” exist? Seems pretty dangerous, to me.

Thanks mucho for your help here.

Hi all,

Will someone please take a couple of minutes to confirm what I am seeing here? It is very concerning as it has the potential to wreck the creative process when recording, especially if not noticed in the moment.


  1. Record 10 seconds of audio to a track
  2. Rewind 5 seconds and punch-in
  3. Record for 10 seconds
  4. Rewind 5 seconds and punch-in
  5. Record for another 10 seconds

Now select all of the audio you just recorded and drag it to another track. Or just drag it to a different location on the same track.

On my system, ALL edit points created by the punch-ins are moved from their original positions to the end of the previously recorded file. Yes, you read that correctly. The places I punched in are disregarded and instead my creatively important punch-in points are moved to occur at the end of the file I just punched over. Revealing and using the part of the file that was bad/wrong and the reason I punched over it in the first place. Seriously.

On my system, this is not random or occasional. It is a constant. The only remedy is to bounce/consolidate the track prior to moving. If you open up the lanes, it becomes distressingly obvious.

Please someone tell me this is already on the bug list and will be squashed in the next release. I’m not normally a hype guy, but this is a major failure in the fundamental purpose of a DAW. For instance, let’s say I have XX tracks of painstakingly recorded backing/gang vocals all comped and rockin’ on the first chorus. I then drag/Snap them to the next 2 choruses.

ALL of my edit points that were created with a punch-in will be changed, potentially drastically, rendering my time and creative energy spent to be fairly pointless. In case you haven’t guessed, getting hosed by this today is what led me to post this issue.

This is not good. At all. I can’t remember the last time I discovered a bug this ugly. I will trust that the fine folks at Steinberg are going to be all over this one ASAP.

Thanks for reading.

Tried your repro, but can’t find anything wrong.
Can you provide screenshots?



I tried the same, and couldn’t reproduce your results… I tried moving it on the same track, and moving it to another track, but the edits stayed in their relative positions…

Please send screenshots!



These are 2 screenshots of the issue, with lanes open and closed.

Keep in mind that there has been no editing done. Track 1 is just as recorded with several punch-ins and Track 2 was simply dragged straight down. As you can see, the results of audio playback will be very different between the two.

Thanks for your help here. As you can imagine, this is not a fun way to work.

Do you have an other computer with Nuendo 7 installed to check if the same problem happens there? Or tried to reproduce it in Nuendo 6.5?
Or nuke the preferences?



I can’t repro this either.

Thanks for the multiple confirmations. I am now on a mission.